Sunday, September 20, 2009


I mentioned the movie Enchanted earlier, and the fact that I'm not enthused with the overall idea of the movie.

Well, after Chance went to bed, Archer and I watched Penelope, the movie with Christina Ricci. I went into it expecting it to be silly, and your regular run of the mill JH girl movie.

After watching the movie, I can only hope that every JH girl has seen the movie. In my comparison of the two movies, I would choose the slightly more rough around the edges Penelope over Enchanted.

The Disney flick had was cute, but in my opinion it gave the wrong message. Penelope had more adult language and themes, but had the message that young girls need to hear.


Anonymous said...

i've never seen Penelope... i'll have to catch it though, if it's ever on regular tv. i didn't care for the underlying messages in Enchanted either, but on the surface i thought it was a fun, cute movie and i put it on for my kids so we can dance and sing together.

Rikki said...

I honestly don't like were Disney movies are going. They've moved away for the typical Cinderella type of fairytale. In my opinion most of their movies are "growing up" and have more modern day/adult themes.

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