Saturday, September 19, 2009


Archer and I shared a first tonight. We went to our first HS football game.The town we live in played a boarding school on the edge of town.


My little sister is a HS cheerleader this year, so we went to watch her for the homecoming festivities. We actually couldn't see her from where I sat, but we got some pics before!

Archer was a little worried about the band, they were just a few feet over from us. He kept staring over at them and had this really worried look on his face. After they scored a few touch downs though, he was ok about it and was clapping when we clapped and yelling when we yelled. He even danced to the band music a little.


The game was a complete blowout. My dad and I only stayed for the first quarter because as we were leaving, they scored a last second TD and brought the score to 44-0. The final score ended up being 71-0.

Great first time experience for both of us!!


Anonymous said...

how neat! i went to every single highshool football game as part of the band... and i still have no idea how to play football.

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