Monday, August 31, 2009

Under Construction

I have been changing my look up a lot.

I know deep down when I changed something that I don't just love, love it; like my previous background. I loved the header, but the flowers were just a little too much for me. Chance liked it, so I went with it.

I didn't mean to actually change it just now, because I didn't tell it to save, but it changed anyway and I'm too tired to change it back. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm thinking maybe I'm having image issues, because I find things that I like, but I feel like they just aren't 'me.'

I will go to another blog and see it, and think, "Man that background totally matches the vibe I am getting from the words, etc." But I don't feel like my personality is quite as bright and flowery, or pink and zebra-y that I've been looking lately.

Then, the ones I really like, (ie, the beach) there isn't a cute little header to match. So, I'm just going to keep looking and try to figure something out!!


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