Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Troops are home!

Last year about this time, troops from my local National Gaurd Armory shipped out. I remember being pregnant, was babysitting my neice Neiley, we went outside and watched them ship out.

They just came home, all safe and sound. Makes me feel a little patriotic.

I just found out a cousin that was my idol as a kid is shipping out to Afghanistan in the near future. It's scary. I can only hope to see pictures of the parade of his homecoming!

Sorry, the pic is kind of lame, my 16 year old nephew was more interested in taking pics of his friends than the parade, this was the best one. (He's the one in the top hat.)


Anonymous said...

glad they all came home okay. :) my brother is in the Army, and has been overseas twice now (or is it 3 times?) and is planning on going back soon. it is definitely scary, and i'm glad to see so much support for the troops in your town. :)

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