Thursday, August 13, 2009

To get up quietly, help your wife, and shut the back door?

Chance has to get up at 430 for work. Archer did not go to sleep last night until 1.

When Chance got up to go to work, he bangs drawers around in the bedroom looking for something to wear. First off, all of his work clothes, except socks are in one drawer, therefore no need to open and shut drawers repeatedly. Oh, and he turned on the overhead light instead of the small lamp right near the dresser. How hard is it just get up quietly and dress yourself without waking up your sleeping wife (who has only been asleep 3.5 hours) 3 times?

About 10 minutes (can't ever really tell time when I'm asleep you know) after he gets up and gets dressed, he comes back to the bedroom to tell me I should get a bottle ready for Archer because he is awake. I should get a bottle? Because it's too hard for him to do it? How hard is it to make the damn bottle yourself?

And, a while ago, when I woke up: I came to the living room, sat Archer down, went to the porch to check the mail, came back and sat down. I notice there is a fly swarming around me. I look into the kitchen and see a few more flies swarming around. I look a little further into the kitchen only to see the back door is wide open and the a/c is on. There are flies all around the back yard because it's August in Oklahoma and that's how it is.


Nikki said...

Ugh. Makes me glad I'm single lol..Nobody to wake me up but a cute baby and a snoring dog who has dreams she is chasing squirrels..At least that's my guess :) ((hugs))

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