Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing up is hard to do

Archer is growing up. I'm just not ok with this, I don't want him to grow up! : ( I'm sure these pictures seem silly, but I need them for myself, to look at when this boy is 18.


I'm trying to wean him from his bottle. That makes me sad.

I love the bear he is holding. He has been using that bear as a pillow for months. Like, before he could crawl. He's a pillow fanatic and I love that bear, so I would hold him and prop his head on the bear.

I haven't thought of a name for the bear yet. I'm going to have a few in the wings and suggest them to him, because I would hate for it to have a really dumb name, like Chance's bear Big Bear. He got it from one of my favorite cousins at the baby shower, and I have decided he will love it too. I've been planning it since then, I sneak it in and play with it with him.

Anyway, sorry for the over obsessive blogging today, had some free time! : )


Anonymous said...

i remember when my son was as small as our little ones. i look at the big boy he is today, and i honestly miss my little baby boy so much it hurts. i try to cuddle and hold my little girl in my arms as much as i can because i know someday i'll look at her and wonder where my apple-cheeked little baby went. my boy is still a wonderful, amazing miracle...but in an entirely different way that a baby is. i'm gonna miss having one around the house when E is all grown up too.

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