Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife Book Review, Part Deux (Spoilers!!!!)

Don't continue if you don't want to read my whining words about this book, the plot and why I'm pissed about everything that happens from beginning to end. (Well not really everything, but I need something to get the point across that this is a spoiler disclaimer without really having to use those words)

Ok, the more I have pondered this book, the more I feel as though I really am pissed at it.

Basically, I feel robbed. I hate that ending. Hate it. We know from the letter that they do in fact see each other again. That's amazing. I love it, I HATE that she's freaking 82. WTF?!

That tells me one thing, Clare spent the rest of her life not living, waiting on Henry to come back to her. I HATE that. I hate that for her, for her family watching her meager existance, for her daughter. She was slightly more involved I'm sure than Henry's dad, but there's no way she was much more so. She became Henry's dad. She wallowed.

As a parent, I know, I take that back, I don't know. I can only imagine and I pray that I never know what it's like to loose the man I love with every ounce of my soul. But I can only imagine how hard it must be to go on living, but you must. If Chance were to die, I would fight with every sad, depressed melancholy cell in my body to ensure that Archer didn't loose both parents.

I think Clare was being selfish. And not just in that aspect. She doesn't feel like she can date, but she can let Gomez sex her up on his kitchen table while her BEST friend, Gomez' wife, takes the kids out? Not ok with that. That's so hurtful to so many people. Gomez for one, who's been in love with her since 1990. Her best friend, who in the next scene is having milkshakes with her. She's obviously not oblivious and definitely not faultless. She knew her husband was in love with Clare, yet she had 3 kids with him. That's her own fault, but she deserves more than that from Clare.

I think my least favorite thing is that she doesn't marry current Henry, but future Henry. I just don't like that. She's obviously very partial to him, he's the Henry of her childhood, and it feels like she's choosing him over current Henry.

Henry's selfish too. I mean, My goodness, having sex with Clare from the future with yourself in bed next to her. And, what exactly is he doing with "himself" when his dad catches him? At 15? I mean, I'm gonna think it's weird no matter what, but 15 is pretty old to be doing things like that, no?

Anyway, I liked the book. I liked the story most of the time. I hate the ending. I hate everything that happens from the point that Alba is born and Henry knows he's going to die. Well, I don't hate it, but I'm just not happy with it. I like happily ever afters.

Oh, and I love that Alba gets to spend time and learn from Henry, but I hate that Clare never gets to be there.

Now I'm done!


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