Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movie Night

After my self-ful day, Chance and I are going to see the Traveler's Wife. This will be the second time we have been out to the movies since Archer was born. I just finished the book last week, and I liked the idea, I just didn't like everything that happened. (Which you can read about here if you just want my thoughts. Or here if you have already read it and really want to know what I think.)

Archer will be staying at Chance's parents until we get back. He doesn't really get to stay over there for very long on his own, so this will be a new one for him too. I'm looking forward to our evening out.


Rikki said...

I hope you post about the movie! I really want to see it but I won't it until I know how it ends, yes I know I am weird but that's how I am with all movies. I won't watch it if it ends sad.

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