Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The toy we ordered for Arch's birthday is supposed to be delivered today.

It is on the UPS truck according to Amazon.

So here I sit, waiting, clothed, while my bath is waiting for me because it's raining and I don't want the stinking UPS guy to leave it on the porch.

Should have used FedEx. I know the FedEx guy, I would trust him to put it between the glass and the other door.

But no, now I have to wait.

Toy came at 4:25, now my bath water is cold.


Tamra said...

Okay... so this is really bad, but I'm trying not to laugh really hard right now. You know why? Because you just totally summed up what most days are like for a mom in a nutshell- having to be patient, take care of everyone else, deal with the fact that not everyone is as reliable as you, and finally, when you get the chance to do something for yourself... bam! The bath water is cold.

But hey, at least other moms are with you and can say, "Man, I understand..."!

I say fill that bath right back up with hot water and relax. You deserve it.

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