Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Good Ending

Read a blog earlier from a woman I've been following. She is a mother of 4 (I think) and one of her children has multiple disabilities.

She was blogging about having "one of those days" and how she was feeling overwhelmed. She was feeling overwhelmed with laundry, her son's physical therapy (pt), a small construction project to repair some electrical work, etc. One of her daughters has been fighting off lice. The other, upon arrival at home after a family vacation with her dad also had nits. She yells at her husband to go to the store and get enough Rid for both girls. The construction stops when her uncle who was helping finds termite and rot damage to the front door frame, which ends up getting ripped out. She goes up to the bathroom to regroup, and finds nits in her own hair.

She sends her husband out to get the Rid, and at the end of the day still has the energy to laugh with her girls.

That is inspiring to me. I've been feeling frustrated a lot lately, and this is really eye opening.


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