Friday, August 10, 2012


My sweet boy has never worn shoes all day. At home we take them off upon entering. At daycare, he took them off upon entering.

On his first day of school he looked around the room a little confused and asked where he was supposed to put his shoes.

Then when he got home he made sure to tell me he even napped in them. :)

It was so sweet and innocent. He really had no idea that people wore shoes all day.


Amy said...

Did you figure out why he didn't eat lunch?

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

I put his lunchbox in the wrong place because it was so chaotic. I think he might have had pancakes for lunch or else he was still full from breakfast and only had milk at lunch. Not sure, but yesterday he ate his sandwich and apple and some of his pretzels. And another apple when we got home.

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