Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stupid Milk Ads

I read this ridiculously funny blog, The Bloggess. She writes super funny posts on her blog and also a few other columns. My favorite is the one about picking your battles. But all that is an aside, to her most recent post about the Milk Campaign.

This new ad campaign is the type of thing that just really both, gets under my skin and makes me wonder at the insanity of those who approved it? Maybe they don't really care because they know people will buy milk no matter what their ads say? Who knows.

One states, "I apologize for letting you misinterpret what I was saying." Another, "I apologize for not reading between the right lines." Both have a url, ""claiming that milk can help reduce the symptoms of PMS.

I personally think these ads are incredibly tasteless and there is just so much wrong with them, on so many levels. I just won't go there, but I will say that I'm so glad they came to their sense and decided to pull the ads.

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Nobodys Nothings said...

those have got to be the stupidest things i've ever seen in my life.

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