Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Blah

Whew. You would expect that summer school would be a little less intense than the other semesters, no? This summer is killing me. I have to drive to class about 45 minutes once a week, instead of doing tele-classes at a satellite site at USAO. I go two days in a row for five hours each day. That's really not the worst part, it's just not as easy to take as my normal 20 minute drive with 3 hours of class time.

One of my classes is really overwhelming, as it feels a little like the teacher is unaware of exactly what is to be expected of her. Some of the things she is asking are things no other teacher has asked. Again, not the worst part, just new and uncomfortable; you know, like a new pair of shoes that take forever to break in. Except, with this experience, I don't get new shoes, so not nearly as much fun.

Really, the worst part is not getting to fully enjoy my summer break without missing time away from my family. Without having to constantly turn down plans or miss out on things because I'm in class for 5 hours at odd times. The worst part is being in class all summer long when I would much rather be swimming in the pool with my little fish.

BUT, I will not lose faith. I am almost done, so close, too close to give up. School is really not that bad, and if you are considering going back to school, I say DO IT! So many more doors will open, and you can achieve your dreams. It's NEVER too late.

Now to dream of fonder things, family reunions, grilled burgers with fresh veggies, and all the awesome fresh things that come along with spring. Those are the things I want to go to bed thinking of, not school. ;)

My Fish!

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