Thursday, June 2, 2011

One more time

I'm feeling sorry for myself one more time. I promise.

Because I have been in a weekend class (Friday-Sunday) twice this summer, my nine hours of coursework will consist of two classes. Because Summer session is only 8 weeks, classes count as double. But really, I go five hours Wednesday and Thursday. It doesn't sound that bad.

Except, I get to my class tonight only to find out that for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever may I miss a class period. Not such a major deal, but you just never know what may come up. Second, there are several hefty assignments, plus readings, and just basically being knowledgeable about all course materials at any given time. My teacher is teaching adjunct for the first time ever, and I personally think her expectations are a bit high. But here's the kicker. We have to go to a conference, required. Or do an alternate assignment. I look up the conference. It's $30 for students. Not a major deal. Except you have to pay $40 to buy a student membership before you can attend. And the conference is in two weeks. While $70 isn't a ton of money, it's a bit more than I have budgeted extra. And I'd have to have a babysitter. Oh, and the alternate assignment, it's no big deal, just a 20 page paper. :\

She told us she expects us to spend ten-fifteen hours outside of class on our assignments. Based on that, I would be in class or working on classwork more than I work, if I did the same for both classes. I'm just really overwhelmed by this class and all that's required. And if that weren't enough, there are some major occupational changes on the horizon with the husband, so I'm in a state of limbo that's just about to push me over the edge.

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