Friday, January 21, 2011


Just in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not very good at sticking with commitments I make. Especially when there are no consequences. I'm really not feeling up to blogging lately. I have lots of ideas swimming, but just don't have a lot of time and effort to put it out there.

I need a change, my life feels a bit stale and unstable. Every aspect is swimming with disequilibrium. People have let me down lately in my personal life, just leaving that feeling of uncertainty across the board as to who really cares and who doesn't. My job is in a constant state of disequilibrium and I'm scared to death that a change I'm not comfortable with is on the brink. On top of that, school is a major load this semester with a ton of work and a ton of time invested.

The only thing I have to look forward to is the trip to NY in March. I'm really ready for the time away to relax and not stress about everything. Even with an entire week of catering to Chance, his BFF and Archer I will still feel better knowing I can depend on them to have fun with me, keep me happy, and enjoy my company. Something I'm just not too sure about lately...

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