Saturday, August 7, 2010

Introductions are in Order

So for a few months, we've really been talking about getting a new dog. I'm a dog lover, and have always had a dog. These past 18 months without a dog are probably the longest I've ever been without a dog. It was awesome for a while, one less thing to care about. BUT, when Chance and Archer go to bed without me, I get lonely.

Chance's parents have dogs, and Archer is great with them. He loves all animals. He actually desperately wanted a fish one day at walmart, but his daddy wouldn't let him have one.

So before our vacation I started scouring petfinders. It's a website and an awesome iPhone app for people who want to get their pet from a shelter. I looked, and looked, and looked. And didn't find what I wanted at a shelter, not to mention the shelters around here are very rigorous as to who they adopt out to.

It is with regret that I admit, we did not get a shelter dog. I know many of my friends will be disappointed in me for saying that, but we tried. I just knew what kind of dog I wanted, and there weren't any within hundreds of miles.

We found what we wanted on the locals news station's classified ads. We got her from a family who raises dogs, not from a puppy mill or a big breeder. They were very nice people, a teacher and a stay at home mom. They had two kids, who adored the puppies and kept asking if I was going to give them back or take them home.

We brought the puppy home, to a very loving little boy who was just thrilled. His little eyes just lit up when he saw her. After several hours of not having a name, she is now...


Archer is so thrilled every morning when he wakes up and sees Ms. Sadie. His smile brightens, and he says, "HI SADIE!!" : ) In his super sweet voice.


Special K said...

It's weird...our dog came from a two teacher family. It seems that teachers need to suppliment their income, with dog breeding! :)

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