Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you have a type?

I was just reading a blog in which the author is discussing interracial relationships, and in the process says that her type is men with brown skin and brown eyes. She was of Middle Eastern descent.

My girlfriends and I were talking about this just the other night when we went out and watched Eclipse. They both think that men with cute round faces (think babyfaced), blond hair, and blue eyes are attractive. That's their type.

And man, is it not mine at all.

I'll be honest, I've only ever kissed three boys in my whole life. So, when I say dated, I mean these three boys. The first one was a BAD boy. And I mean bad. Like, we were in the 8th grade and he did drugs, and I knew it. And yet I still followed him around and held his hand like a lovesick puppy. This boy, had blonde hair, but very strong features. His nose was wide, his lips were full, and his jaw was prominent. He was also very muscular.

The second boy I kissed, with tongue. He was dark complected, brown hair, brown eyes. Then I thought he was super handsome, but after we dated (and he dumped me) I didn't see it as much anymore. He was a good guy. Played every sport we offered, baseball and basketball. I went to all the games he had while we dated. We rode the same bus, so it was convenient, and then very, very awkward. But he made good grades, had good parents (well, his dad was a roadie who toured with Marilyn Manson, but he was cool), and wasn't in trouble. He also had very manish features, and was muscular. Since I'm pretty sure bad boy is part of my "type," and this guy doesn't really fit that, I think that his overly cocky attitude filled in for his badness.

And the third, and final boy. Chance. He was always cute. When we were kids, I was totally in love with him. My barbie always married a Ken who would be Chance. He was also a bad guy. Not quite as bad as the first guy, but only because he reformed. Chance and first guy actually got into a fight when we were freshman in high school. He called Chance a faggot in the hallway, and apparently that is an invitation to fight that you just can't pass up. Chance won, just in case you're wondering. He was always scrapping with someone when we were young. Other than his bad boy attitude. He also has dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. He has a very prominent nose, and high cheek bones. Oh, and the muscles. He has those too. He's worked out and lifted weights since middle school. Now he's in overdrive with it. His body fat percentage is 9.9. He's lost 60 lbs since January; and put on 5 lbs of muscle this week.

On top of his physicality, he's so disciplined it's sickening. He will stick with something forever if he really wants to. He's so giving and yet so selfish at the same time. He does nice things for people because it's the right thing to do. He does nice things for me daily just because he loves me; but most of the time he makes me trade for things, like neck and back rubs. He's so unsure of himself and insecure about how he looks, but when he's working out like he is now, he checks himself in the mirror constantly to see if his body has changed at all; if his muscles got bigger. And if they did, I have to hear about it. Or see it. Which isn't so bad.

So that's my type. Bad boy with rugged features, and muscles, lots of them. :)

What's yours?


Kristen said...

Through high school, I was always a fan of the bad boy. This continued until college when I broke up with my boyfriend from high school and started dating who I thought to be a good boy. I'd known him since I was in 8th grade, we'd dated off an on for a year throughout the early years of high school, and he would do anything for me. He wasn't as good looking as some of the guys I'd dated in the past, but he was good to me. And then we married, had a child and then I found out he'd been cheating on me through most of our relationship. See where the good boy got me!?! When I started dating again, it was more for the rough, bad boy image. But, then I met Jacq. He's athletic, smart, funny, goofy, doesn't hold the image or bad or good boy. He just is. He is my kind of guy, I just never knew it. We've been together now for almost 7 years and I love him madly.

Nobody said...

nope... i definitely don't have a type. i've dated skaters, musicians, athletes, blondes, brunettes, short guys, tall guys, a black guy, a german guy, and a few white guys. i've only been serious with 2 people... and the first one was a short musician. after him, i swore i'd never date a guy shorter than me again. luckily, i was already with my husband, who is over 6 feet tall. the only real deal breaker with going out with a guy was intelligence. i briefly dated a guy once who was absolutely gorgeous and had a great sense of humor. unfortunately, he also turned out to be dumb as a box of rocks. i couldn't stand him after that.

Rikki said...

I've never been one for the whole blonde hair blue eyed thing. I like dark hair and dark eyes. Bryan's got dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he's very tan usually. I guess my type was always been "manly men" I like a guy that gets dirty and isn't afraid to work hard. This might sound weird but I love a guy with rough "working" hands, I think it's sexy. Bryan is also very smart and very sweet. He'd do anything for anybody no matter what. He's also got a good sense of humor which I love about him. He makes me laugh everyday.

*Edited to add* Another thing I loved about Bryan was his faith. A godly man was always my #1 desire.

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