Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One more quick thing

AF just arrived. She only visits sporadically, usually only after I freak out enough to take a pg test. The bitch.

Anyway, went to the store yesterday to buy said pg test. Don't you hate that stare down you get. Everytime I feel like I'm a 15 year old boy asking for condoms, and the check out lady just stares at me, in judgement because I clearly have a baby. Just makes me want to slap her. (Or it could be the AF hormones wanting to slap her, guess I'll never know)

I'm not sure how I would react to someone buying condoms and pregnancy tests if I worked at walmart. I'm sure you have to be all professional and pretend like it's the same thing as socks, but really, I'm nosy and it would be hard.

When we were trying to get pregnant with Archer I bought my very first one, and wouldn't you know the damn alarm went off at walmart, sending me back because of their inventory control system. The guy who checked my bag wished me luck, on however I wanted it to turn out.

Which brings me to another point. I hate how some tests have happy faces. Is it a sad face if you aren't pregnant? I really don't believe in the happy/sad face mechanism because that's only serving half the population. I'm pretty sure there are some extra hormonal 18 year old girls out there that want to kick that happy face in the nuts when it pops up on the pregnancy test she takes. It's not always a good thing for all people.

I'm not saying that babies aren't always a good thing, but there are definitely situations when people shouldn't reproduce. Therefore, lets end the happy face pregnancy tests, mmmkay?


Anonymous said...

AF did that to me too. i was nearly a month late, so i decided to take a test just in case, and the girl at the check out counter actually asked me if i was hoping for a yes or no. i turned ten shades of crimson, and almost went on a tangent about DH's vasectomy, but just said "i don't know" and ran for the door instead. AF came two days later, just in time for me to have to cancel my yearly.

also, when K was about 3 i was late... so decided to get a test. i put it under my purse in the cart so i wouldn't generate gossip in our small town, and totally forgot about it. the alarm went off as i started walking out, and an employee checked my receipt. she couldn't find anything that would set off the alarm, and i said "huh, that's weird..." and lifted my purse to check for forgotten items... and looked like an idiot and a thief when that stupid pregnancy test was sitting there, completely unpaid for and forgotten. i don't remember if i bought it, or just said never mind.

Rikki said...

LOL. That is so true about the happy/sad face, I never thought of that.

Devin said...

I made sure NOT to get a happy/sad face one when testing with Roree. I got 4 line ones and a digital read-out that said "pregnant" or "not pregnant". I probably would've bawled if I'd seen a happy face staring back at me when I was already scared to death.

And I worked at Hy-Vee (a grocery store) in high school and was a pretty quick cashier so I usually worked the express lane and got the occassional pregnancy test or condom check-outs. I usually wanted to bust up laughing though because it was usually older men buying condoms from me -- a little high school girl, lol. I never made any comments about pg tests though, I just acted like it was completely normal because I didn't want to upset anyone who was already nervous. And because it is kind of an awkward glimpse into a personal moment for someone and I almost felt like I was intruding just by knowing they were buying one.

When I bought my own pg tests I went through a self checkout line.

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