Friday, August 21, 2009

What a morning!

We are up! We orginally woke up at 630. Chance (who is off on Fridays) woke me up to tell me Archer was crying. I run to his room to check on him, and there are little tiny poop balls all over. His diaper is laying outside his crib and he's bawling. At this point, it's still dark, so I run him to the playpen and go back to the crib ripping the sheets off to put in the washer.

Chance gets up to see what's going on and starts wiping Archer down. Archer of course hates this and is still crying. He just wanted to be picked up and snuggled, and his daddy wasn't doing that. I got finished tossing the sheets and his bear in the washer and gathered him up. I wiped him down, head to toe. I washed his hands because he had poo all over them and then I gathered him up on the couch and we snuggled until he fell back to sleep.

Now we are up for the day! And my whole right side hurts from holding him, but it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

that happened to me a few days ago after E's naptime. it's the worst, isn't it?

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