Monday, August 17, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife, The movie

Went to see this Saturday night. I really enjoyed it more than the book. There were some things that were different, but overall I liked the movie different.

With movies like Twilight and Harry Potter, there were so many details that were left unattended. Well, with Twilight, only a few details were actually taken from the book, the rest were made up. This movie was different. I was left with a sense of, "Ok, that's not quite how it worked in the book, but it still works."


The ending of this movie is the reason I liked it. I could tell from the previews which clip was the ending, so it was why I was excited to see the movie after reading.

Clare doesn't spend her life in turmoil and being miserable waiting for Henry like she does in the book. She is still sad, and she still waits, but she gets to see him again before she's 82. I like that, and I like that the casual watcher doesn't know that Clare had sex with her best friend's husband while desperately trying to imagine it's her own dead husband. That whole story piece didn't sit well with me.


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