Saturday, August 29, 2009

Party, party!!!

Archer's very first birthday party was great!

We ended up having about 40 people, close friends and family. We had it at an outside pavillion in the park. The weather was perfect, but slightly windy. Archer has several cousins who all spent their time playing happily while the adults visited.

Arch loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday, and he LOVED his cupcake! He just shoved it right into his little face! : ) Daddy gave him some ice cream and cleaned him up while Mommy got all the presents rounded up!

He was so cute with the presents. He tried to pull the paper off my BFF's present when we rode with her in her car, so I knew he wouldn't have a problem opening them! He just ripped right into the first one, and opened them all the way to the end. And, man were there a TON of presents. He got several books and outfits, a hat, a dump truck, a wagon, some little cars and toys and 2 (got that), 2 trains.

One is an alphabet train, that he loves, although he does sit on the attachment and not the actual seat. And the other is a Thomas train. He's not really feeling the Thomas train much, but I think he will once he's a little bigger.

His favorite toy today was a music table my SIL got him.

All in all, it was a great day!

48 cupcakes later, I'm exhausted and going to bed!!


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